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Killua Castle

Virtual Tour for hospitality

Matterport virtual tour of Castle

Explore the artistic treasures of Killua Castle with a 3D virtual tour. Step into the world of medieval and early Renaissance art from the comfort of your own home.


Killua Castle, Co. Westmeath, Ireland


Killua Castle is a stunning castle located in Co. Westmeath, Ireland, that boasts an incredible collection of medieval and early Renaissance art. To provide visitors with a unique way to explore the castle and its art collection, our team has created a Matterport 3D virtual tour.


One of the challenges that many cultural attractions face is finding ways to attract visitors and make their experience memorable.


Killua Castle has found a solution to these challenges by creating a virtual tour of their castle using Matterport technology. This allows visitors to explore every corner of the castle, giving them a unique and immersive experience. By providing this virtual experience, Killua Castle can attract visitors from around the world and generate revenue, even during times when in-person visits are limited.


Since launching their virtual tour, Killua Castle has seen an increase in online engagement and revenue. Visitors appreciate the ability to explore the castle and its art collection virtually, which has led to a higher conversion rate for online bookings.


In conclusion, Killua Castle's Matterport 3D virtual tour has been an innovative solution to the challenges that cultural attractions face in today's market. By providing a convenient and immersive way for visitors to explore the castle and its art collection, Killua Castle has seen a positive impact on their online engagement.