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Enhance Restaurant Operations with Advanced Features

Beyond just captivating customers, Matterport Virtual Tours empower your restaurant with enhanced efficiency and unparalleled management tools. Dive into the future of restaurant innovation with features designed to optimize every aspect of your operations. Explore immersive storytelling, VR compatibility, space management, and more to take your restaurant to the next level.

Immersive Storytelling

Create interactive experiences with Mattertags. Embed videos, images, and audio to enhance your virtual tour, showcasing unique elements and captivating your visitors.

Showcase Venue Beyond Reality

Take visitors on an extraordinary 3D tour with walkthrough, dollhouse, and floor plan views. Explore every area and understand the layout in an immersive way.

Efficient Space Management

Identify areas for reorganization, understand traffic flow, and optimize seating arrangements. A valuable tool for staff to suggest seating options and streamline customer onboarding.

VR Compatibility

Enhance tours with VR for an immersive, interactive experience. Allow viewers to explore your restaurant in a fully engaging and memorable way.

Google Street View Integration

Seamlessly integrate your virtual tour with Google Maps. Stand out in local searches, attract more customers, and boost foot traffic and reservations.

Free Marketing Material

Gain high-quality images from your Matterport tour. Perfect for marketing materials, social media posts, and website galleries, enhancing your restaurant's online presence.

Why Choose Matterport Virtual Tours for Your Restaurant?

Matterport Online Search Influence

According to studies, over 90% of diners research restaurants online before deciding where to dine.

With Matterport, you can transport potential customers directly into your restaurant through an immersive 3D experience. They can explore every captivating detail, from the stylish decor to the inviting ambiance, all from the convenience of their screens.

Restaurant Entrance View capture by Advanced Solutions

Why does this matter? Restaurants with virtual tours have been shown to increase bookings by a staggering 80%. By showcasing your establishment through Matterport, you create a lasting impression that entices customers to book a table at your restaurant over others.

Not only that, but virtual tours also foster trust and confidence in potential diners. In fact, 67% of customers are more likely to choose a restaurant that offers a virtual tour. By providing this transparent and engaging experience, you establish credibility and showcase the unique dining experience you offer.

From Click to Table: Transform Online Visitors into Loyal Diners

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Embark on a journey of inspiration as you discover the remarkable stories of our esteemed clients who have partnered with us to transform their businesses. Their tales of success and growth are a testament to the power of our services across various industries.

Alex Norgard
Havwoods Ireland
Read More
We had Denis and his associates compose a Virtual Showroom of our physical one. Not only did they do that, they provided us with an exceptional quality of service and added in a few bonus pictures and videos for us.If you are looking to have any type of work done by these guys you will not be disappointed, more so you will be in awe of their professionalism and skill sets.Well done guys! Looking forward to continuing working together!
Allen S. Krause
Killua Castle
Read More
Advanced Solutions did a 3D tour of Killua Castle. They produced excellent work, are very friendly and easy to work with and have a positive can do attitude. The final product surprised us on the upside and we would recommend them without any heaitation!
Osgar Dukes
Smock Alley Theatre
Read More
Can't recommend these guys enough. Provided us with a wonderful 360 tour of the theatre here along with a doll house view. Super efficient and super pleasant to deal with.
Unique Day Spa
Read More
We found Advanced Solutions very professional, easy to work with, flexible and very quick turnaround. Very good quality and competitive prices. We have no hesitation recommending the team.
Rachel Mulvany
Lakeshore Bathrooms
Read More
We just recently set up our newly updated website. Denis and his team at Advanced Solutions could not be more helpful. Their attention to detail has been amazing and we were absolutely thrilled with how it turned out. Especially our virtual tour. We could not thank them enough for all the help and ongoing support. Lakeshore Bathrooms

See How Trendsetting Restaurants Thrive

Savvy restaurants are leading the way with our immersive virtual tours, transforming their spaces and boosting customer engagement. Discover these impressive examples and visualize the potential for your own restaurant.

Ireland's Leading Provider of Virtual Tours

By choosing Advanced Solutions, you are partnering with the leading experts in Matterport virtual tours in Ireland. Our commitment to excellence, local knowledge, and industry experience will provide you with a competitive edge, allowing your restaurant to shine in the digital realm and attract more customers than ever before.

The only one in Ireland – recognised alongside top agencies from the US, UK, Egypt, and Germany as a featured creator on Matterport Discover.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A virtual tour is a digital simulation of a real-world location that enables individuals to virtually navigate and engage with the surroundings as if they were physically present. It provides a comprehensive experience by combining 360-degree panoramic views, interactive features, and multimedia elements.


Matterport digital twins go beyond a typical 3D tour, offering an enhanced level of immersion. They enable customers to take a fully immersive walkthrough, exploring every corner of the space. Additionally, users can examine the environment from different perspectives using dollhouse and floor plan views, which are not possible in real life. This advanced functionality sets Matterport digital twins apart, delivering an unparalleled virtual experience.

Virtual tours offer numerous benefits for businesses, including:

– Enhanced online presence and engagement

– Increased customer interest and bookings

– Time and cost savings by reducing the need for physical visits

– Improved customer satisfaction and confidence in your offerings

– Differentiation from competitors and a unique marketing tool

Virtual tours are created using specialised equipment, such as 360-degree camera, to capture high-quality images o of the space. These images are then stitched together using software to create a seamless and interactive experience. Additional features and interactive elements can be added to enhance the tour’s functionality.

Yes, virtual tours can be accessed on various devices and platforms, including desktop computers, smartphones, tablets, and VR headsets. They are typically compatible with popular web browsers and can be embedded on websites, shared via email or social media, or integrated with other marketing channels.

The time needed to create a virtual tour varies depending on factors such as the complexity and size of the space, desired features, and customisation. On average, it typically takes around 2-3 hours to capture high-quality images of a restaurant for the virtual tour. After the capturing session, the model will be processed, and within two days, it will be available for preview. This allows for a swift turnaround, ensuring that businesses can quickly showcase their establishments to potential customers in a captivating virtual experience.

Yes, virtual tours can be updated or modified to reflect changes in your venue or offerings. Whether it’s adding new rooms, updating decor, or showcasing special promotions, the tour can be adjusted to keep it current and relevant.

The cost of a virtual tour can vary depending on factors such as the size of the space, desired customizations and features, and the chosen provider. However, when considering the overall value and benefits they offer, virtual tours have proven to be a cost-effective solution.

Starting from 550 EUR, our virtual tours provide a wealth of advantages in comparison to the price. They offer a cost-efficient alternative to traditional marketing methods and physical visits. By reducing the need for repeated photography sessions or in-person visits, virtual tours save businesses both time and money. Additionally, virtual tours have a wide reach and can be easily shared online, expanding the potential audience and increasing the chances of attracting more customers.

To get started with a virtual tour for your business, simply reach out to our team at Advanced Solutions. We will guide you through the process, discuss your specific requirements, and provide you with a tailored solution that aligns with your goals and budget.

In addition to our virtual tour services, we provide extra resources and support to enhance your virtual tour experience. We offer a personalised marketing strategy that guides you on the best practices for implementing and promoting virtual tours. This strategy includes valuable tips to maximise engagement and get the most out of your virtual tour.


Our team is dedicated to supporting you throughout the process. We’re here to answer any questions and offer guidance to ensure your virtual tour achieves the desired results.


As an added advantage, we offer a range of features that enhance your virtual tour. This includes premium media content like professional images and teaser videos to kickstart your virtual tour. These visually stunning elements create an immersive experience for your audience, making your virtual tour even more impactful.

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