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20 Oldtown Lawns, Naas, Co. Kildare, Ireland
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Indie Spice Grill Naas

Virtual Tour for hospitality

Matterport virtual tour of Restaurant

With the help of our 3D virtual tour, you can experience the warmth and flavor of Indie Spice Grill Naas.


Indie Spice Grill Naas, Co. Kildare


At Advanced Solutions, we're passionate about using technology to help businesses enhance their online presence and reach more customers. That's why we were thrilled to partner with Indie Spice Grill Naas, a beloved Indian restaurant located in Naas, Ireland, to create an immersive 3D virtual tour of their restaurant.


As a popular local eatery, Indie Spice Grill Naas frequently attracts a crowd of hungry diners, but not everyone has the time or opportunity to visit the restaurant in person.


To help Indie Spice Grill Naas connect with their customers in a new way, we used Matterport's 3D virtual tour technology to create a virtual walkthrough of their restaurant. This allows customers to explore the restaurant from the comfort of their own homes, giving them a sense of what it's like to dine at Indie Spice Grill Naas. With our virtual tour, customers can view the restaurant's beautiful decor, get a glimpse of the chefs at work in the kitchen, and even choose their preferred table before making a reservation.


The virtual tour has been a resounding success, Customers appreciate the opportunity to preview the restaurant before making a reservation, and the virtual tour has also served as a valuable marketing tool for the restaurant. With our virtual tour, Indie Spice Grill Naas has been able to showcase their cosy, welcoming atmosphere and delicious cuisine to a wider audience than ever before.


At Advanced Solutions, we're proud to have partnered with Indie Spice Grill Naas to create a virtual tour that enhances their online presence and helps them reach more customers. By combining cutting-edge technology with a human touch, we were able to provide an immersive experience that captures the essence of what makes Indie Spice Grill Naas so special. We look forward to continuing to work with businesses like Indie Spice Grill Naas to help them succeed in a rapidly changing digital world.