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The Morrison Dublin


Luxury hotel 3D virtual tour in Dublin city centre

Take a virtual journey through the heart of Dublin and discover the elegance and charm of The Morrison hotel with our immersive 3D virtual tour.


The Morrison Hotel Dublin


The Morrison Hotel in Dublin, Ireland is a stunning 5-star hotel that provides its guests with a luxurious experience that is second to none. To showcase the hotel's beautiful restaurant, bar, and lobby areas, we created a Matterport 3D virtual tour that allows users to immerse themselves in these spaces and appreciate their design and ambiance in great detail.


In the past, potential guests would have to rely solely on pictures and descriptions to get a sense of what the hotel's dining and social spaces looked like. This could make it difficult for them to truly appreciate the elegance and charm that The Morrison Hotel has to offer. As a result, they might have been hesitant to book a stay, which could lead to lost business for the hotel.


To address this problem, we created a 3D virtual tour of the hotel's restaurant, bar, and lobby areas using the latest in 3D scanning technology. This allows potential guests to experience these spaces as if they were really there. The tour includes high-resolution images, panoramic views, and detailed floor plans that provide a comprehensive view of the amenities and facilities offered in these spaces. By providing an immersive, interactive experience, we help potential guests appreciate the hotel's elegance and charm, and encourage them to book a stay.


Since launching the virtual tour, The Morrison Hotel has seen a significant increase in website traffic and engagement from potential guests. The tour has proven to be an effective way to showcase the hotel's dining and social spaces, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. By providing a convenient way for potential guests to explore the hotel's amenities and facilities before booking a stay, we have helped The Morrison Hotel attract a broader audience and increase their revenue.


Overall, we are proud to have worked with The Morrison Hotel to create a Matterport 3D virtual tour that showcases their restaurant, bar, and lobby areas. By using the latest in 3D scanning technology, we were able to create an immersive, interactive experience that helps potential guests appreciate the hotel's elegance and charm. We are confident that the virtual tour will continue to be an effective marketing tool for The Morrison Hotel, and we look forward to working with them again in the future.